shanghai company registration process

Representative Office

Set Up RO in China,Foreign Enterprise Representative Office In Shanghai

First of all, registered representative offices in Shanghai, need to lease a fixed office space, foreign company appointed the chief representative in Shanghai China.

The registered Representative office of the required information:
1.<Application form for establishment Registration of the Foreign Enterprise Representative Office>.
2.Certificate of incorporation of the Foreign Enterprise in existence for at least 2 years and the domicile certificate of the Foreign Enterprise.
3.Articles of Association of the Foreign Enterprise.
4.Power of attorney or other authorization certificate to Foreign Enterprise’s authorized representative issued by the foreign enterprise.
5.Appointment letter of the (Chief) Representative(s) and their ID certificate.
6.Bank reference indicating the financial credibility of the Foreign Enterprise issued by the financial institution.
7.Resume of the (Chief) representative(s).
8.Documents on the right of use of the representative office’s domicile.
9.Approval document issued by the approving authority if required.
10.Other required where appropriate.

The process of registration in Shanghai representative office:
1.Fill out the online application form,pre-approval.
2.Download and print the notice of acceptance and the application form.
3.Submit the application form and documents to SHAIC.
4.Get the notification of disapproval.
5.Pay the registration fee and get the certificate of registration.

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